1. Privacy and Personal Data

At Debtfree, your privacy is our top priority and we make sure it is protected.

Our privacy policy is intended to help you explain our personally identifiable data collection practices and uses-what information we may collect, how we use it and protect your personally identifiable data so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to use our website and services.

2. Your Agreement and Consent

Continuation of our website and service use ensures your acceptance and consent to our data collection process and practices as described in our privacy policy.

3. Information We Collect on Our Website

The personally identifiable information that we may collect from you, the site user, includes but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Best time to call

4. Information Disclosure

At Debtfree, we do not share your personal information with third parties unless we are legally obliged to. To comply with the law and fulfill legal obligations, we provide your personal information to legal authorities.

Debtfree uses email addresses to answer queries and emails we receive from users. However, please note, that these emails are not shared with third parties or used for any other purposes. These are kept private.

5. Registration

For free counseling from our expert consultants, or if you wish to interact and participate in our community, register with us on our website. Please fill out the registration form with relevant, accurate, complete and current information.

You, the user, can access your personal information collected by us online through our website using your account. This is to make sure that you can update your information, correct any factual errors and protect your information in a better way.

6. Data Security

To prevent unauthorized users from breaking into and accessing personally identifiable data and information of our website users, Debtfree has implemented the best security measures including physical, electronic & managerial procedures. We use security measures that adhere to federal law & regulation.

Our security procedures are designed & developed to both protect and secure the information collected from our users via our website.

Though security of your personal information is our first priority and we strive to maintain the highest security standards possible, this is not a guarantee that your data cannot be altered, accessed and deleted in case of security failure.

You understand and agree that the use of the internet is not completely secure. This means that we cannot guarantee you that your personally identifiable information is completely secure over the internet. Any information you provide us is given at your own risk.

To ensure your account is safe from hackers and unauthorized users make sure your password is minimum 8 characters long, includes upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers and special characters. It should not use your surname or first name, numbers in sequence and your birth date. Do not share your password with anyone.

7. Protecting Children Privacy

At [Insert Company Name], we believe children privacy is extremely important. Therefore, we do not gather, collect or maintain personally identifiable information from those who are under 13. In addition to this, we make sure that no section of our site is developed in such a way that it attracts children less than 13 years of age.

8. Policy Changes and Updates

Our privacy policy is subject to change and updates with or without any notification. Hence it is advisable to view and read our policy regularly to ensure you are aware of the recent changes made in our privacy policy.

9. Cookies

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are used to collect information on how users generally use our website.

1.These are small text files used to identify your PC to our server. The cookies do not identify you; they are only used to identify your IP unless you are logged in.

2.You, the user, have the opportunity to accept or reject cookies on our website. This means we give you the opportunity to disable this feature on your browser anytime you want.

3.Please note if you disable the cookies you may be unable to visit certain pages on our website.

4.Information collected through cookies includes pages viewed, websites visited, date and time of site visit and time spent on our website.

5.The information collected through cookies is used for promotional campaigns, tracking user preferences and traffic patterns. It allows us to calculate and evaluate the aggregate number of visitors and popular website pages.

6.Please note- cookies do not allow us to collect your personal information.

7.Session cookies allow us to only compile statistics that help us improve our website usability and functionality to deliver a better user experience to our website users.

8.We have no control over the cookies used by our third party advertisers.

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